Our report on the first year of our project has been sent to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We are doing wonderfully well.  Here are just some of the highlights:

  • We have established good relations with the local press and have received excellent coverage.
  • We have had good attendance at our events and received positive feedback from people.
  • We have had a good level of participation in the project, and in the first year participants put in 72% of the total hours anticipated for the entire 2-years.
  • Our research findings have far exceeded what we originally expected to achieve.  The results of making contact with relatives have been particularly gratifying.
  • Our project website is getting “hits” from around the world and is proving to be robust and easy to maintain.
  • We have either achieved or exceeded all the targets we set for the project in Year 1 and we are well on target to achieve those we set for Year 2.

In addition to all this we are underspending on the project budget.

A proposal has been put forward to the HLF for a way in which an additional project goal might be achieved by re-targetting this underspend.  The HLF have already given their agreement in principle for this extra piece of work, and we hope to be able to bring you more news just as soon as they agree the details.

Click to view the full Year 1 Report, in PDF format.