Sometimes it is the smallest pieces of trivia that bring the lives of the people we are researching into sharp focus.

The project has recently been put in contact with the daughter of Farnhill WW1 Volunteer Thomas Edward Sugden.  She was able to confirm key pieces of our research — that her mother divorced Sugden, remarried, and then emigrated with her children and her second husband to Canada in 1947.

She has loaned us this photograph of Carl and Marjorie Walker (formerly Sugden), taken in the early 1950s at their home in British Columbia.

Marjorie and Carl Walker

Carl and Marjorie Walker (formerly Sugden), with Corby the dog

We’ve even been told the name of the dog — Corby !  He was the family’s first pet in Canada and, typically for a Labrador, he seems to be taking things easy.