The two-year Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) funding for the Farnhill WW1 Volunteers Project concluded at the end of December 2018.

In the past two years, members of the project have achieved far more than any of us thought we would (or even could).  A full report on our activities during that period has been prepared for the HLF.  The research, events, website, and the permanent archive indicate that our time (and Lottery funds) have been well spent.

The end of funding does not mean the end of the project.  There are a number of research strands that will continue:

  • When the 1921 census data is released it will extend our knowledge of these men’s post-war lives – perhaps including those men who left the village in the immediate aftermath of the war and have proved difficult to trace.
  • The WW1 Pension Index cards, held by the Western Front Association, are currently being digitised and will be interesting to examine in due course.  Additional WW1 records may also become available in the future.
  • We anticipate finding out more about the men’s post-war lives from local newspapers of the 1920s, which will be examined as part of the History Group’s ongoing “100 years ago” project.  The long and acrimonious post-war campaign to provide allotments for WW1 veterans might be an interesting topic to research, for example.
  • Finally, we contine to hope that families of the Volunteers might come across this website and contact the project with additional information.