At 11am on 11th November 1918, fighting stopped all over the world and people began to wonder whether they might begin to hope that the war was finally over.

In an article we publish today, exactly 100 years after Armistice Day, we examine the thoughts of some of the people of Farnhill and Kildwick, including:

  • Thomas Appleby, headmaster of Kildwick School
  • Norman Green, one of the pupils at the school, whose brother, Eric, was a PoW
  • William Whitham, of Bucklar Hill, whose brother, John Spencer Whitham, was one of the Farnhill WW1 Volunteers
  • Percy Walmsley, another of the Farnhill WW1 Volunteers, who wrote home from hospital where he was recovering from his wounds

Article – Some local account of the Armistice