Group photo project
1950 Church pageant
When St. Andrew’s was being restored in 1903, builders discovered fragments of
six stone crosses. These were dated to around 950AD.
So, in the 1950, the church celebrated 1000 years of religious worship at St.
Andrew’s, with what they called a “Millenary Festival”.
There were special church services, concerts, and a pageant featuring people from
Kildwick and all the “daughter” churches. This is the group photograph from that
If you can help with any of the details, or the names of those we don’t know,
please contact us at
We’ve had this photograph in the History Group archive for some time, but very
recently we’ve been given the names of some of those shown. The key also tells us
that the photo was taken on June 17
David Riley
Others include:
Peter Armitage
Alwyn Stocks
Anne Jolly
Mr. Hardy Smith
Frank Davy
Maud NewbertEmmie Watson
Annie Brown
Gladys OverendMrs. Smith Morton
Ruth Armistead
Miss M.B. Tetley
Gloria JollyRosemary Howson Dorothy Jolly
Lily Jackson
Mrs. Joe Walton Mrs. Reg Howson
Mo Hodgson
Mrs. E. Stocks
Norah Spencer
Ada Rodgers
Norman Overend
Rev. Norman Stocks
Vicar of Cononley
Others include:
Peter Spencer
George Teal
Arthur Holden
David House
About the “Group photographs project”
A number of group photographs have been contributed to our archive with very
little information attached to them. The aim of this project is to capture as much
detail as we can from those who might remember the events and people shown.
This photograph was contributed to the History Group archive by Enga Preston.
Details of the people shown was provided by David Gulliver.
Can you help ?
Do you know any of the missing names on this photograph or do you have any
other group photographs from Kildwick or Farnhill ? If so, please contact us at